Infcurion Group Announces New Payment Service “SLiDE”

Establishment of a new subsidiary “Infcurion Digital” which aims to support the digital transformation of banks


Infcurion Digital

Infcurion Group (Main Office:Chiyoda-Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Kamata, Hiroki Maruyama; referred to as “ICG” below)has announced the release of a new payment service, “SLiDE”, which is to be operated in collaboration with Japanese banks. In conjunction with the above, ICG has also established a new subsidiary “Infcurion Digital”, which will answer to banks’ needs of digital transformation.

SLiDE is a novel payment service that works hand in hand with banks’ QR code-based mobile payment services to allow users to freely determine when expenses should be deducted from their bank accounts according to their lifestyle needs. While banks’ mobile payment services only permit instant deduction of funds, SLiDE allows the user to reschedule, or “slide,” payment deductions one to four weeks later. In addition, one may also check the payment amount and due date via the app, making it a breeze for users to get hold of their spending details. The service is projected to be launched within the year, the collaboration with banks continues to expand. It is also noted that the function of temporarily “holding” transactions as well as that of freely determining the date of payments have already been patented (Patent No. 6368446).

According to the “Consumer Awareness Survey on Money” (*) by Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, females in their twenties and thirties may hold a negative feeling about the arrival of a cashless society for it may cause them to overspend. Our service “SLiDE” aims to cater to people that are concerned about budget limits and overspending by providing functionalities such as free determination of the date of payment, management of payment details. In addition, it is worth noting that together with the diversification of work styles, the ways people receive their wages have also become more diverse, with new options such as “pay by month”, “pay by week” coming into sight. SLiDE addresses the consumers’ changing lifestyles by adding on the option of weekly deduction of funds to the existing, standard option of monthly deduction, thereby realizing a whole new cashless experience.

We at ICG continue to promote cashless payment in Japan by means of providing cashless payment services that are convenient and reliable.

(*) “Consumer Awareness Survey on Money”, Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living

Introducing SLiDE:
1. Payment management service that works in conjunction with QR code-based mobile payment services provided by banks;
2. Allow spending within the same week to be deducted from user’s bank account on a weekly basis. Payment of funds can be deferred to a maximum of 4 weeks later; and
3. Easy management of amount, date, etc. of payment with only the use of mobile phones.

・Commencement of Service : Within the year
・Overview of Patent
Patent Registration No.:6368446
Name of Invention:Payment Control Device, Control Program of Payment System and Payment Control Device


Infcurion Digital’s business scope
Planning, development, and operation of payment and related services.

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