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Who we are

As a payment enabler,
we build fintech solutions
for a frictionless future.

We aim to enable any company to integrate new payment
and financial services seamlessly into their core business,
allowing them to provide exceptional customer experience to their users.

CEO Profile

CEO & Founder CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder

Hiroki Maruyama

After graduating from the Faculty of Business and Commerce of Keio University, joined JCB Co., Ltd. After working in the Credit Management Department & Marketing Department, participated as a founding member of New Business Development & M&A Department. Founded Infcurion in 2006, in charge of group management strategy and new business. In 2015, established the FinTech Association of Japan and became Chairman of the Board, contributed to industry development and legal revision. Contributed from both practical and policy side in order to promote cashless in Japan.


Company name
Infcurion, Inc.
May.1, 2006
JPY 247,460,000
Founder & CEO
Hiroki Maruyama
Number of employees
311 (as of April, 2024)
Description of business
Providing platforms and consulting support in finance, payment and related fields
Head office
MFPR Kojimachi Bld.7F, 5-7-2, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083Google Maps

Fintech Association of Japan

Payments Japan Association

Japan Payment Service Association



Accomplish the infeasible,
starting from payments


Create new opportunities
for tomorrow


Infinite Curiosity.

Curiosity is in our name. Curiosity defines who we are.
There are so many paths waiting to be explored.

Great Work, Great Team.

A team can deliver its very best only if everyone owns the problem at hand.
Consider an occasional setback to be a steppingstone for even better work.

Stay Trusty.

Growth opportunity presents itself through the trust one earns from others.
Being honest and open-minded is key for constructive relationships.