Who We Are.

A business development company, bringing new business values for the society via payment technologies

Founded by four payment industry experts, Infcurion Group Inc. is a business development company known for their particular strength in payment industry knowledge and related technologies. We are a team of professionals facing up to the challenges of creating novel values. Our collective background covers diverse domains such as payment industry, entrepreneurship, consulting, engineering, and marketing. We always continue to look from new angles at the payment experience that is the touchpoint of the consumers and the businesses. Doing so, we strive to improve the everyday life’s convenience and contribute to the promotion of cashless society in Japan.

Three approaches to
new business creation

There are three types of approaches that Infcurion Group takes to business development. The first is Co-Creation & Consulting, with which we have helped clients make a strategic entries and launch a new business in the payment and/or fintech domains. The second is Starting-up, with which we ourselves have developed a number of new businesses in the payment field. The third is Investment, with which we create new businesses via hands-on investment into startups who demonstrate competitive new ideas and/or technologies. These three approaches makes our business development speedy and flexible.

We also believe in fostering the industry ecosystem and sharing our knowledge as broadly as possible, since these result in the industry’s growth and give rise to new business opportunities. Thus, we were instrumental in the establishment of the Fintech Association of Japan, where Hiroki Maruyama, our CEO, has been serving as the Chair and Representative Director. The Association aims to promote the growth of the industry and to advance Japan’s global standing as a Fintech player through the exchange of information and cooperation with domestic and international organizations as well as Japanese governmental bodies.

Co-Creation and Consulting

Partnering with clients

  • Consulting

  • Digitalization


As a Fintech startup, develop newbusinesses on our own

  • Payment Gateway

  • Wallet System

  • Saving Apps


Working together with promising startupsvia hands-on investment

  • Investment

Fostering the Industry Ecosystem and Sharing Knowledge

Activities for growing the industry and creating new business opportunities.
Thought leadership via media business and active contributions to the Fintech Association Japan.

Our Business.

  • Consulting.

    Support a client’s new business development via our advanced and state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in payment and technologies.

  • Digitalization.

    Strategic planning and technology support for digital transformation at a financial or payment institution.

  • Payment Gateway.

    Payment-ware “Anywhere” that provide payment terminals, apps, and processing center in one solution.

  • Wallet System.

    Platform ASP “Wallet Station” that can integrate various QR-code payment services.

  • Saving Apps.

    Automatic Saving app “finbee” that is the first in Japan to utilize write-access bank APIs.

  • Media.

    Vital source of information on what’s happening in Fintech for business developers.


Company name
Infcurion Group, Inc.
Date of Establishment Capital
May.1, 2006
JPY 930,935,000 (incl. capital reserve)
Founder & CEO
Hiroki Maruyama
Number of Employees
109 (as of April, 2019)
Major shareholders
Exectives, Employee Shareholding Association, SBI Investment Co. Ltd.
Business Areas
Business development and consulting in finance and payment  and related fields
Head office
Kioicho Bld.11F, 3-12, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
Fintech Association of Japan

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