Drive DX society
with our finance
and payment technologies

There are three business segments in which we operate:
Embedded Fintech Business, Merchant Solution Business, and Consulting Business.

Embedded Fintech

Our platforms provide access to financial services such as payment, saving and card issuing.
We provide embedded Fintech services that will effectively permeate daily lives together with a seamless user experience.

Wallet Station Wallet Station

Wallet Station

Platform to build your custom wallet with speed. Having features of mobile payment, transfer and coupon function linked to bank accounts. We provide a comprehensive range of services from user apps, store apps to payment management systems.

Xard Xard


Xard allows you to create your own virtual and physical cards instantly at a reasonable price. Fulfilling the needs of any type of business such as fintech companies, financial institutions, retail businesses, etc. by various options in issuing format. Xard is a flexible and variable card issuing platform with the “X” representing the meaning of unpredictable.

CharG CharG


A linkage service that integrates new top-up methods into your existing payment service. Along with a WebView application screen, we provide the necessary functions, significantly reducing the development workload. This expansion of top-up methods will effectively enhance the value of your service.

finbee finbee


The automatic savings app which is the first app implementing banks’ update API in Japan. Based on the concept of “Making saving fun, making saving easy”, we provide the saving services targeting millennials.

MK-Gate MK-Gate


MK-Gate is a gateway service designed for cashless payment providers who participated in the Japanese government-led “My Number Point” program to stimulate consumption, launched in September 2020. It is an intermediate system to connect individual IDs and payment operators. Significantly contributed to reducing the burden of system development and related operations.

Merchant Solutions

Providing payment-related solutions for stores and corporates, such as payment terminals, gateways and a cashless payment management system. We will solve issues for stores and corporates in a diversifying cashless payment environment.

Anywhere Anywhere


One-stop payment solution covering from payment terminals, applications to payment centers. Anywhere builds a seamless payment environment flexibly tailored to your business.

PayDash PayDash


Centralized cashless payment management system for merchants. PayDash provides simple insights on all your various cashless payment records, deposit information and data analysis at a glance. PayDash simplifies and manages complicated payments caused by the diversification of cashless payments.

Adapt Networks Adapt Networks

Adapt Networks

QR payment gateway service provided by Adapt Networks, a group company of Infcurion. Connect the QR payment service providers and POS using merchants, facilitating the easy adoption of wallet services.


Our professional consultants provide comprehensive support for payment-related strategic planning, new service planning, system development and business design to help your businesses succeed.
Also develop your new business from the perspectives of legal, security, UI/UX and marketing based on our extensive knowledge of the payment industry.

New Business Launch,
Digital/Business Transformation Support

Consulting. Consulting.
  • BXBusiness Transformation

    Comprehensively support building client’s infrastructure for IT, operations and organizations to create new businesses in the financial / payment fields. Co-work closely to achieve client’s business transformation.

  • DXDigital Transformation

    Accelerate client’s digital transformation by leveraging our advanced knowledge and technology in the payment industry.

  • Strategy

    Accurately grasp the rapidly changing trends in payment or fintech fields, image the ideal business future and strategy together with clients.

  • Service Design

    Design easy-to-use, secured services for everyone, support the creation of financial services in order to improve the quality of life of people.

  • UX/UI Design

    Design total customer experience from the development of persona, customer journey to app’s UI design.